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11 Reasons Why ABC4Restaurants is the right and ONLY choice to sell your Business/Property.

1. EXPERIENCE: 35 years of operating and selling businesses/properties enables us to show potential buyers why your business/property may be the right choice.

2. WE WON’T WASTE YOUR TIME: We screen prospective buyers both financially and personally (nothing worse than a buyer “backing out” at the last minute for reasons we should have known about from the start.)

3. PROVEN TRACK RECORD: Sold/Leased more than 45 business in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey while providing a Consulting service to business owners in those same states.

4. LARGE DATABASE OF QUALIFIED BUYERS: From New York and New Jersey we have many buyers who want to buy in Connecticut. High costs of living and lack of quality of life is driving owners/operators out of big cities. To start a restaurant or liquor store in New Jersey you have to purchase a liquor license that costs between $250,000 to $1 million. Imagine spending that before you bought or built out a leased property!

5. NEW JERSEY OFFICE: If you want to expand to the Jersey Shore or anywhere in the state, our New Jersey office can assist you in finding the right business/property for you.

6. CONTACTS: As the former owner/operator of the Marco Polo Restaurant in East Hartford, my years of associations with other business owners as well as professionals (i.e., lawyers, accountants, restaurant owners etc.) has enabled me to develop a large referral network of qualified buyers and sellers.

7. FINANCING: You don’t have to “hold paper” (self financing) anymore if you don’t want to. No more fear of “taking back” your business if the buyer fails. We have an association with the best business and commercial loan brokerage firm in New England. Evergreen Commercial Finance specializes in business and commercial loans of all types. Both a conventional and sub-prime broker they will assist buyers for purchases and sellers for refinancing in getting the best possible rate in the least amount of time. *** See section on Evergreen Commercial Finance.

8. CONFIDENTIALITY: No one knows more than I how Important This Is! When I was selling the Marco Polo Restaurant & Banquet Facility some years ago, I was very concerned about the effect on my business if word got out. Would my future wedding bookings cancel? Would I loose my great staff that had worked for me for years? How would I pay my mortgage if I lost business? Would my loyal staff and customers be hurt if I didn’t find the right buyer? * See section on Confidentiality.

9. CONSULTING SERVICE: We can help sellers plan in advance to sell their business. So if your not ready to sell now, we can advise you on the things you need to do now to get the best possible price for your business in the future. ** See the section on Consulting Services.

10. LICENSING AND FRANCHISE EXPERIENCE: Our professionals can help you expand your business without investing more capital or adding personnel and increasing your payroll. A report issued by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business (Franchising in the U.S. Economy: Prospects & Prom-ises) reflects these sentiments: “Franchising has been called the most dynamic business arrangement since the emergence of the corporation a century ago. It is heralded as a “dominating force” in the distribution of goods and services and the “wave of the future” for the U.S. marketplace”.




How do we accomplish this?

1. General advertisements that attract
buyers but don’t identify the business/property.

2. Pre-qualify prospects both financially &
experience wise, before disclosing your

3. Obtain confidentiality agreements before
revealing the identity of the business/property.

4. Target other business owners who relate to the
importance of confidentiality in an ongoing

5. Limited disclosure to other real estate business
brokers due to loss of control in the
confidentiality process.

6. Showing business/properties by appointment
only, at desired times of sellers choosing.


• Licensing & Franchising
• Concept Development
• Equipment (New & Used)
• Design & Construction
• Menu Design
• Advertising & Marketing Strategies
• Website Designs
• Staff Training
• Purchasing Evaluations
• Computers (Point of sale & back office)
• Professional Referrals
(Legal, Accounting, Financing, Insurance, etc.)
• Tips on how to plan in advance to sell your business.




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