web-gif-ausIf you are in the process of expanding or just starting out, you are probably aware of the fact that commercial lending can be a long and frustrating process! Whether you are starting a business or expanding, the need for commercial loans or equity financing is almost certain.

We have affiliations with some of the leading commercial lending institutions which enables us to provide you with the appropriate lending program to suit your needs. Because of our relationship with you, we keep a close eye on the rates and terms.


Purchases & Refinances

*Small Business Loans
*Real Estate Loans

*Commercial Business Loans
*Venture Capital

To learn more about the loan process and how we can assist you, please visit us at, an affiliate of ABC4Restaurants.

                         The American Dream

Old American Dream                                             New American Dream

Own your own home                                                       ———–                                             Own your own business
Job with a company                                                        ———–                                              Be your own boss
40 hour work week                                                         ———–                                              Make your own hours
Weekly pay-check                                                          ———–                                              Create your own wealth
Retirement pension                                                        ———–                                              Can’t rely on pensions

                                           “Why work for a company when you can own the company!”

Business “Baby Boomer” Factor

As the 76 million post war Americans born between 1946 and 1964 matures (The “Baby Boomers”) the oldest have already reached 60. There will be a great demand for “Boomers” who either want to sell their existing business or the “Corporate Boomers” who are too young or too bored to stop working and want to buy a business for themselves or their children!

A Note to all Business Owners
& Potential Sellers

Whether you are planning to sell your business in the near future or at some later date, you need to know the fair-market value of your company now! And… you need to understand what the process is to sell or transfer ownership in your business. Like it or not, some day you WILL SELL your business.

For a free evaluation of your business/property value or to discuss your purchasing needs, contact ABC4Restaurants.

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