How We Market Your Business


First Step
1. Evaluate your business/property to determine the best possible price for seller & yet still be marketable.
2. Create a professional marketing presentation by assembling marketing information from both you and your professionals.
3. Photograph your business/property to easily market to buyers who are not geographically accessible to your business/property.
4. Formulate a series of financial projections based on actual financial data & most important future projections.
***All this is done through our graphic, research & financial professionals so our sales staff can spend their time finding new buyers & showing present buyers why they should buy your business/property!

Second Step
1. Match the property to our computer database of prospective buyers & send emails, faxes or direct mail flyers of your business/property to prospective buyers.
2. Target specific potential buyers & personally contact & pre-qualify them.
3. Post your business property on various websites.
4. Canvas potential buyers who we feel may be suited for your business.
5. Advertise the business property in newspapers & other media if necessary.
**Most newspapers & other advertising media do not produce our buyers. We get our buyers from years of associations with present operators & other referral contacts that know qualified buyers!

Offer Stage
1. Represent you on all offers & help you negotiate the best possible price & selling terms to meet your financial needs.
2. Provide a draft of an agreement of sale for review by all parties & their prospective legal counsel
3. Manage the transaction from the offer stage through the closing.
4. Monitor buyers loan process to insure a speedy closing.

For a free evaluation of your business/property value or to discuss your purchasing needs, contact ABC4Restaurants.